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Leon Avigad works as a developer and founded Leopard Hospitality in 2004, which specializes in creating and operating exciting boutique hotels with inspired hospitality.

One of Leopard’s main objectives is to introduce a collection of full-service boutique hotels to Tel Aviv. The Brown Hotels (TLV collection), a Leopard brand, includes an assortment of exciting hotels strategically located in the center of Tel Aviv’s distinctive locations: Nahalat Binyamin, Rothschild Boulevard, Hayarkon Beach Promenade and Neve Tzedek. Each of the hotels offers its own innovative design, quality service and an infusion of local Tel Aviv culture. While each hotel has its own distinctive character, they all offer full-service hotel amenities. 

Leon Avigad is currently developing several boutique hotels in Tel Aviv as well as boutique hotels in other parts of Israel. We had the change to talk to him about his work and life as a hotelier.

Mr Avigad what make your Brown Hotels so special?
First and foremost, their warmth and their sense of place. Brown Hotels works very hard to achieve and embody both those values. And the fact that you can enjoy the full services of a huge 250-room hotel but in a boutique environment, that also sets us apart.

How do you get inspired? Where do you get new ideas for your projects?
I get inspired by walking the street, watching a movie, listening to a song. I’m constantly being inspired - I’m like a sponge for inspiration.

What transforms a good hotel into an outstanding one?
Coherency. There needs to be a value, or a feeling or a concept that’s apparent in every single element & detail of the hotel experience.  We the developers also need to pour passion and love into the project — guests can sense it when a place is not lovingly looked after.

What do you like most about Tel Aviv? 
Its nonchalance, it’s lack of pretense. Tel Aviv is rough around the edges, messy & creative. You can come as you are here. 

If you have only one day in Tel Aviv - how will the perfect day look like?
I would sleep in, have a morning coffee at Manta Ray, take a walk along the northern beaches, hit the flea market in Jaffa, and then head home for a siesta.  If I make it out after that, I’d have dinner at Har Sinai, and maybe end the night with drinks at Breakfast Club. 

What´s you favorite place at home? 
My daughter’s room, because she’s in it.

Can we look forward to another hotel project for 2018? Maybe also somewhere in Europe?
Oh yes, 2018 is a big year. We have several new projects in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem planned for next year. Our goal is to offer accommodations for the full range of travelers, from the luxury-seekers to the young urbanites. As for Europe, we have the Brown Beach House in Croatia for now. Expanding throughout the Mediterranean is always a part of the conversation, but we haven’t made any commitments as of today.

Recent projects:

The Poli House, Tel Aviv (photos by Assaf Pinchuk)


Villa Brown Jerusalem, Jerusalem (photos by Assaf Pinchuk)


The Brown TLV, Tel Aviv (photos by Courtesy of Brown Hotels)


Brown Beach House, Croatia (Photos by Assaf Pinchuk)

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