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Saar Zafrir is an Amsterdam-based designer, investor and developer of hospitality projects throughout Europe. Following a successful career of over a decade in the capital markets sector, Zafrir switched gears and followed his passion of design and hospitality development. An Interior designer by heart, Zafrir manages projects from A to Z from concept to design to purchasing and construction. This past year, Zafrir launched many of Europe's hottest new design hotel properties and in 2017 will unveil a number of innovative design projects as well. His latest hotel is the Provocateur Berlin. The property is the city's first shamelessly sensual hotel, bar and restaurant located in the upscale Charlottenburg neighborhood. A good time for our meet + greet with Saar Zafrir:

Mr. Zafrir your glamorous Interior Design at the Provocateur is a tribute to Paris of the 1920s. What is the connection to Berlin?
Provocateur Berlin is inspired by Parisian glamour of the early 20th Century, but fit within the framework of the city of Berlin. The hotel also takes inspiration from Cabaret-era Berlin and has meticulously restored the fine details of the German building in which it is housed, built in 1912, including the original elevator lift. 

What can guests expect at the Provocateur?
The concept of Provocateur Berlin is different than any other ordinary hotel. The intimate and sensual vibe is everywhere. Guests can start with a welcome drink at the bar, continue to their room to experience Provocateur Mode and later enjoy a meal at the restaurant Golden Phoenix  and finish their evening at the Club (opening in 2 months) and back to the room for some peace and quiet. 

Is there a special hotel room in the world where you would like to stay?
The X Bank Rooms at W Amsterdam

Do you have a set of rules that guide your design? 
I have three guiding principles that I always follow: 
1. The bed must be the most comfortable bed the guest has ever slept on in their life, everything from the linens, pillows and mattress. 
2. The bathroom must have comfortable access and the shower water pressure needs to be powerful. 
3. The lighting of a room is one of the most important elements. 
Every design concept needs to be tailored to exact size of the room and atmosphere of the hotel.

Is there a special inner space or building that has impressed you?
There are many. I really admire the Edition Hotel in London, the W Amsterdam and Sir Joan Ibiza.

What´s you favorite place at home? Can you describe it or sketch it or show us a little picture?
My bedroom is my favorite place at home - It's very spacious (45 SQM) with a big walk-in shower and stand alone bathtub. I have a small living area to work (or store my clothes on :) ) and a huge bed which is the most important. 

Bedroom of photo © Chantelle Laurent
Saar Zafrir favorite place at home  - photo © Chantelle Laurent


Recent projects:

Brown Beach House, Croatia (Photos by Assaf Pinchuk)


Sir Savigny, Berlin (Photos by Steve Herud)


Provocateur Berlin (Photos by Peter Langer)

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